Wass Skin is a small-batch skincare company based in Cape Town, South Africa that makes use of Organic & Natural ingredients that are locally sourced to create a simple yet effective range of ‘skin food’ inspired by the seasons.

You pick the season – or your skin concern – and allow the nourishing, replenishing and hydrating formulas to work their magic.

In an effort to create a carefully considered range of skin food that’s good for both your skin and the earth, we started with one simple premise: to use only the purest, most effective, highly concentrated and locally sourced natural & high-quality ingredients that directly benefit the skin.

ONLY 100% Natural & Organic Essential & Botanical Oils are used for all formulations.
Each product is highly concentrated in nourishing ingredients, soaked up by the skin in seconds leaving no oily residue.

NO Preservatives.
NO Animal Testing.
NO Harmful & Synthetic Fragrances and Colourants.

Wass comprises of four unique ranges, each inspired by a specific season: WINTER, AUTUMN, SUMMER , and SPRING. The process was and remains very organic, to produce a product with effective results that focus on aromatherapy & healing. Enhancing the skin & mind's natural state.

There are no rules to which seasonal product to use when, your skin. your choice.