Cape Town, South Africa

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It all started in a very small kitchen in Camp Street, Cape Town. Self-guided research with plant-based scents and botanical oils. The first product was formulated: Rose-Geranium balm, to cure chapped, dry skin during Autumn, the season of transition.
The process was, and remains, very organic – to produce a product with effective results that focus on natural benefits of healing. Seasonal change affects your spirit, emotions, and skin. Wass was born with an appreciation for nature, colour palettes, textures, and the effect that nature presents itself into transition through food, design, and health, within each passing season.
Wass has been inspired by the seasons, Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring. Enhancing your skin and mind’s natural state with the purity of natural essential oils and staying grounded in the present through hectic and rushed days.
The skin requires different elements and care to breathe and heal for radiance and purity. Wass supports these elements with nourishing oil formulations and plant-based scents to stay present within modern, fast-paced environments where taking time and care of yourself has become rushed.
There is absolutely no rule to which seasonal product to use when each individual is unique. Your skin, your choice of which product gives you the results and benefits that you require. The majority of our skincare products are unisex, clear, and simple; natural healing remedies with holistic guidelines to finding your own balance within a modern lifestyle.
We are expanding to a small, carefully consider range of clothing – our once off pieces, limited to availability of fabrics sourced in and around the Western Cape, South Africa.